Have you spent money in the Google Play Store?
If so, you may be entitled to compensation.

What is this website for?

This website explains the legal claim brought by Liz Coll against Google. Liz Coll alleges that Google has contravened competition law. Liz Coll’s claim is an opt-out collective claim, which means that she automatically represents all those who fit the class definition, who are called class members. If you have spent money in the Google Play Store, then you are likely included as a class member represented by Liz Coll.

The claim

Liz Coll is claiming that Google has breached competition law by excluding competition and/or charging an unfair and excessive level of commission - as much as 30% - on purchases of paid apps and in-app purchases of digital content, services and subscriptions in the Google Play Store.

What does this mean for you?

If you (or your business) have purchased an app or in-app digital content, services or subscriptions through the UK version of the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or tablet since 1 October 2015 you (or your business) may be eligible for compensation.

You can get involved by staying up to date with the claim:

About Us

Liz Coll

Liz Coll

Liz is a consumer tech policy expert with over twelve years’ experience of campaigning for consumers' rights online. At Citizens Advice and Consumer Focus she led work on critical issues for consumers in the digital world like data privacy, smart home devices and online reviews. She went on to establish a global digital programme at Consumers International, where she led advocacy and research into e-commerce, consumer internet of things, AI, data privacy and the impact of platforms on consumers’ access to choice, redress and fair treatment. She has represented consumer interests at national and global policy forums including the OECD and the G20. As an independent consultant, she works with international policy makers, consumer groups and standards setters, sits on EU technology standards committees and is a strategic advisor to the UK’s Consumer and Public Interest Network.

Passionate about creating a safe and fair digital world where consumers come first, Liz has been authorised by the Competition Appeal Tribunal to represent all users of the Play Store (including businesses) who may have been overcharged by Google. If successful, every member of the class may be entitled to a share of any compensation.

Represented Claimants

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Stay Up To Date

Liz Coll represents all persons (including businesses) who purchased for themselves or on someone else’s behalf an app or digital content, services, or subscriptions within an app in the UK version of the Google Play Store since 1 October 2015 from an Android smartphone or tablet on which the Google Play Store was pre-installed.

To understand if you could be included in the claim, answer these questions:

  • Have you spent anything in the Google Play Store since 1 October 2015?
  • Were you using an Android smartphone or tablet on which the Google Play Store was pre-installed?
  • Were you using the UK Version of the Google Play Store?
  • Were you living in the UK at the time or do you live in the UK now?

If your answer to each question is YES then you will likely be automatically included in Liz Coll’s claim and you can click the ‘Stay up to date’ button to be notified of all developments.

Hausfeld Liz Coll has instructed the law firm Hausfeld & Co. LLP to represent her in the claim. Hausfeld is a leading international law firm specialising in competition law, with significant expertise in all aspects of collective redress and group claims.

Vannin-Capital Vannin Capital, a commercial litigation funder, has agreed to finance Liz Coll's claim.

Latest News

Ms Coll’s application for a Collective Proceedings Order was granted by the Tribunal on 18 July 2022. This means that Ms Coll’s claim will proceed to trial unless it is settled beforehand, on behalf of the class. The Tribunal should issue their reasoned judgment supporting their certification of Liz’s claim in the next few weeks.


20 July 2022

Google faces $1 billion trial in UK for overcharging on app store purchases

The case is not anticipated to go to trial until 2024. Alphabet-owned Google is facing trial in the UK in a £920 million ($1.1 billion) class-action lawsuit alleging that the company overcharged 19.5 million customers for app store purchases.

The Register

20 July 2022

Court OKs billion-dollar Play Store gouging suit against Google

A London court on Tuesday authorized a lawsuit that seeks to have Google pay £920 million ($1.1 billion) for overcharging customers for app store purchases. Filed as a class action on behalf of 19.5 million UK citizens, the suit alleges Google charged commission fees up to 30 percent on app sales.


19 July 2022

Google faces $1 bln UK trial over app store pricing

LONDON, July 19 (Reuters) - Google (GOOGL.O) faces a London trial over an estimated 920-milion-pound ($1.1 billion) damages claim after a court authorised a lawsuit that alleges the Alphabet-owned tech giant overcharged 19.5 million customers for app store purchases.